Apple iPhone 6 – concept design

Apple iPhone 5 will hitting this coming December 14 this year, an early Christmas deeds of Apple Philippines for a Filipinos tech lovers to experience the latest and hottest of smartphone to date. Packs with a ultra fast powerful processor, smooth OS performance and latest innovative features pack in a small rectangular piece of device.
But how could if Apple preparing for iPhone 6 in the making? Maybe this could make it possible wherein other giant mobile company where doing, by releasing and releasing new model whether they currently released a new model. It just like switching a short period of time to released another new model version.
Like what i’ll found recently, a new iPhone version “Apple iPhone 6”which is now posted on concept-phones, but this is still an concept design model. So take a look!
This iPhone 6 was created and design by Jacob Williams, trying to figure out and make his own iPhone 6 version with has no major changes with the physical standard of iPhone trademark design. It looks more similar with the latest iPhone 5 in overall design but he added a Mute Toggle on/off blue strip a volume function by adjusted through sliding finger up and down. You can mute the phone by holding the blue strip and the light will flash to indicate the setting. Where the power button has been moved to where the Mute toggle was and the antenna separation were also removed.
The creator only stated the particular features and you could now imagine the latest features and configuration incorporate with it. This Apple iPhone 6 smartphone is just an concept design model whereas the creator have a power to manipulated it.