Samsung Galaxy Muse now available for $49.99 Galaxy S III and Note III powerful music buddy

Samsung Mobile has just launches Galaxy Muse portable music companion of Galaxy S III  and Note III music buddy. Providing S III and Note II users an innovative way of syncing music and sharing capabilities with music management directly from a smartphone.
Samsung Galaxy Muse is a small, lightweight MP3 player that shares several physical features and design aesthetics with the latest Galaxy smartphones. Built-in clips so you can attach it to clothing as what Apple iPod shuffle has. There are front volume controls, as well as skip, shuffle, pause, and go back buttons and an LED status indicator.
Designed to be the perfect music companion to your Samsung Galaxy handset, Muse is an MP3 player which can interface directly with most Galaxy handsets. Transfer music directly from your Galaxy smartphone to your Muse via the Muse sync app available in Google Play. The clip-design makes Muse especially useful for active listeners who don’t want to take a phone along on their morning jog.
Chief product officer at Samsung Mobile, Kevin Packingham said, “the Galaxy Muse expands the Samsung Galaxy product portfolio to offer music on-the-go in a compact and lightweight player, with song shared directly from our award-winning smartphone.” He added, “ Muse is the latest example of Samsung delivering another outlet for content consumption across the entire spectrum of consumer electronics.”
Samsung Galaxy Muse music player provides user by up to six hour of play time which boosted with Samsung SoundAlive optimized audio technology. Enjoy the benefits of deeper bass, enhanced tone, adjust sound quality and clarity.
Samsung Galaxy Muse is now available at comes in 2 colors as what standard Samsung Galaxy color variants like pebble blue and marble white variants for $49.99 to makes it uniformly buddy.