Nokia is planning to released Aluminum Lumia series to be Nokia Catwalk

A new report surfaced over the web that Nokia planning to release one high-end Lumia Windows Phone 8 handset which is rumored to be the successor of Nokia Lumia 920 as part of the new line up for this year with a codenamed of “Catwalk”. It build on a new aluminum body aims to make it thinner and lighter than to current Lumia Windows Phone series which use polycarbonate makes it thicker and heavier than they could be with aluminum instead. And according to the source Nokia Catwalk is going to features similar hardware specifications as what Nokia Lumia 920 has.
As you remember from the previous Nokia model, aluminum body concept was first seen in the Nokia N8 but It would still prefer the poly-carbonate material for its durability and better signal reception. It will also allow the Finnish company to compete against Apple’s iPhone size and weight in its category.
In addition, there are two more Lumia smartphone that will join the lineup gang for this year far, but not further details and information has been provided and let us see if these devices will be revealed at CES Expo Event 2013.