Nokia Lumia 1080 Windows Phone with 12 Megapixel PureView Camera on the shelve (concept)

Lumia series of Nokia is one of the prominent Windows devices which comes in a high-end to low-end configurations which cater in different market level. Like the Nokia Lumia 920 is he current flagship Windows Phone 8 out in the shelves which carrying the high-end components of a Windows Phone in the market.
On the other hand, at concept-phones website there’s an gadget designer enthusiast posted his exquisite concept design model which comes in the form of Nokia Lumia 1080 concept. The concept comes into an imaginary creation as what he thought about the next generation Lumias could looks likes in the future. Nokia Lumia 1080 sporting 4.4 inch 1080p screen display with a crazy 500 ppi. Boasted with Diamond Fusion drawn glass from display makes it tougher than any other on any other phone out there.
Packs with 12 megapixel camera on the back comes with PureView technology “unbelievable low light performance” made some of Nokia’s devices popular among end-users around the globe. Comes with a powerful processor one might even boast with quad-cores processor with 2GB of RAM under the hood. The handset also comes with an edge-to-edge, while running under the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile OS out of the box.