Samsung NX300 3D capable mirrorless 20megapixel camera announces

A latest NX Series of APS-C mirrorless camera of Samsung is now adding and revealed a latest model comes in the form of NX300 camera. NX300 looks a lot like its predecessor the NX200 and NX210 but it includes a series of updates that show sign of ever-greater integration between the company’s camera and it smartphone. The newest addition to Samsung’s Smart Camera Camera lineup and it’s the first of the series to offer dual-band WiFi connectivity.
NX300 boasting a 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, the devices is capable of capturing images at a range of ISO 100 to 25600. and has been designed to provide users with the ability to capture 3D images and footage.
Packs with a 3.31 inch AMOLED touch display and it can shoot 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second as well as taking up to 8.6 shot per shot per second in burst-shooting mode. According to Samsung, the NX300 boast a hybrid contrast-/phase-detection autofocus system driven by 105 phase-detection point and 247 contrast-detection points on the camera.
The company claims that the camera’s 2.4 GHz-5.0 GHz wireless capabilities translate to streaming and upload speed up to 35 percent faster than other WiFi enabled cameras.
The compact NX300 makes it simple for anyone to achieve pro-like and impressive pictures easily with minimal technical knowledge or time spent adjusting parameters. Using the camera’s Smart Mode, users can choose from 14 different setting  such as Creative Shot, Landscape, Light Trace or Action Freeze which will automatically adjust parameters such as aperture and shutter speed in order to obtain the best shot possible for the desired situation. The NX300 also include i-Depth, an easy and simple way to adjust the depth of an image using the NX Series’s unique i-Function system, which enables users to modify camera parameters using the lens itself, adjusting the image without ever having to move off target.”
Samsung NX300 mirrorless camera will be available in March for $750 as a kit with a 20mm-50mm f3.5-f5.6 zoom lens and also has a focal-length multiplier of 1.5X.