Samsung Galaxy S4 to release with wireless charging accessory

Wireless charging is the newest innovative trend in digital devices recently, specifically in smartphones which is first surfaced over the Nokia Lumia smartphone which has include wireless charging accessories and followed by the other giant tech companies.
That means resting your phones on a special pad to charge it up instead of plugging it in the traditional way of charging. Now, flagship smartphones use a wireless charging standard called Qi, which means they’re also compatible with a slew of accessories.

After the exclusive announcement of Samsung’s newest flagship in the box. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with support for the Qi wireless charging standard. According to Samsung nothing about this at New York event, but some observant enthusiast found wireless charging Galaxy S4 units at the stand after it. Samsung took the curtain down around the Samsung Galaxy S4 and showcased its New Big Thing for the first time.
The company showed off new accessory for the Samsung Galaxy S4, a wireless charging pad that will be able to charge the S4 without the presence of wire. At the first catch of the S4 wireless charging is the fact that it needs a special back plate to work it properly. Unlike the HTC Droid DNA and Nexus 4 which features built-in wireless charging, the S4 will need to use a back plate. The good thing is the wireless charging will most probably depend on the battery cover, so even if you get a Galaxy S4 without the proper rear cover, you’ll probably be able to purchase one separately.
The charging tables match the Samsung Galaxy S4 exterior design and color combination – the base is made of the same glossy plastic as the device, while top has a rubberized finish to hold the Galaxy S4 securely.